Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easy Summer Chicken Recipe

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Yum! Summer is just around the corner and that means picnics at the lake, family BBQ's and fresh juicy fruits.

Last summer I was introduced to a new family favorite recipe. We might have even made this once a week all summer. Not only did it taste amazing and have a quick and easy prep time, the compliments I received each and every time we made this dish made me want to make it for every occasion. Picnics, birthdays, bbq's, church potlucks, simple finger foods only parties, you name it I made it.

It's a simple recipe with ingredients that won't break the bank. Corn tortillas, chicken, cilantro and of course topped with a fresh kiwi and pineapple salsa that everyone will enjoy. Sounds good doesn't it?
Looks good too!

If you want to give this simple fun and OH SO YUMMY recipe a quick try head over to Planet Gift Baskets where there are some step by step instructions. for this entire recipe. See you there!

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