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Boutique Bakery Love At First Bite Offers A Twist On The Wedding Cake - Wedding Cupcake Towers

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PRLog (Press Release)Feb 08, 2011 – Cutting the wedding cake together by the bride and groom is a predominant ritual at western weddings. The wedding cake not only symbolises good fortune and fertility, it is also an icon of the couple’s unity, their life together and their shared future. Because wedding cakes are an important element of a wedding, it has taken many different shapes, sizes and presentation and continues to do so even today.

Love at First Bite offers something more than the traditional cake. This boutique cupcakes bakery in Melbourne specialists in handmade cupcakes. The bakery also designs fancy cupcake towers so that your wedding cake stands out at the wedding.

Love at First Bite is known for baking fresh cupcakes using the finest and natural ingredients. Their wedding cakes are guaranteed to be fresh and the best quality. In fact, the bakery prides itself on making the best cupcakes in Melbourne. Their quest for perfection ensures that you enjoy the best and the most delicious cupcakes that you would you will ever taste.

Every cupcake by Love at First Bite is handmade and beautifully finished with decorations so that your celebration is as dazzling as the cupcakes themselves.

According to Love at First Bite, “wedding cakes deliver a statement about your sense of style and personality. A wedding cake should be a reflection of what you are and it should definitely cater a good taste.” Love at First Bite is based in Melbourne and it specialists in stylish wedding designs. Their cupcake tower is one of their newest inventions and it can add uniqueness to any wedding.

What makes their cupcakes so special and inviting is the taste, alluring look, freshness and finest quality ingredients. Cupcakes created by Love at First Bite are perfectly piped frosted and are adorned with handmade decorations. It is made sure that the cupcakes are baked using only natural and best quality ingredients so that it offers a tempting treat. Love at First Bite has made every attempt to perfect their recipes so that the cupcakes remain packed with flavour and moisture. Moreover, a unique butter cream frosting method is used to make the cake even more luscious.

Love at First Bite offers free consultations, anywhere in Melbourne. To create an ideal design, they will work with you and make sure that the wedding cakes tower makes your wedding beautiful and memorable. The bakery will also deliver cake at the venue and set it up on the day of the wedding in order to make sure that the wedding cupcakes tower is perfectly presented.

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Jen Harris said...

I would love to see some pictures of these towers. I bet they are absolutely beautiful.

Cindy Shea said...

I've heard of weddings catered in this way. These towers are very trendy right now. I agree with Jen, can we see some pictures please. :)

Press Release Submission on July 28, 2011 at 11:43 PM said...

I heard first time about this kind of tradition but like it.


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