Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Gift From My Niece

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I love Subway sandwiches. I mean I really love Subway sandwiches. Most days for the past seven years you will find me eating at the local sub shop. And not just any sandwich will do. It needs to be a Veggie on wheat with everything on it except the jalapenos. Hold the dressing please. That’s my sandwich.

This year for Christmas, my niece wanted to do something special for me. She makes holiday gift baskets. She usually chooses a theme and of course my theme had to be sub sandwiches.

She got a beautiful red basket and put several different types of bread in it. Rye, whole grain, French, and of course wheat because she knew it was favorite. Then she added cheese; Swiss, American, provolone, and you can’t forget spicy jack. The meat combos were next and she out did herself? Ham and roast beef and at least three others swarmed my bread. Next came the condiments and she spared no expense. She wrapped it all in a large piece of cellophane with a beautiful bow on top. In it she added a note about how she hoped I would enjoy this holiday gift basket and how she made it just for me with all her love.

Christmas morning my son and daughter in law and three children came over for Christmas brunch. My niece has never married and joined us too. We would enjoy some of our family favorite recipes and traditional foods and then it would be time to open presents.

When I looked over at the tree, my eyes went right to the beautiful big red basket. It doesn’t matter how old we get, we still love to receive beautifully wrapped packages. Maybe that is more fun than the gift, but let’s talk about that some other time.

My niece had a big smile on her face as I opened it. She was picturing all those sandwiches my husband and I were going to enjoy over the next few weeks.

Well, make sandwiches we did. And they were good too. Ham on rye was my favorite. We even tried grilling it. My husband was enjoying my gift as much as I was.

Now I wish I could tell you that I was a convert and never went back to Subway. I tried. I really tried, but after a few weeks there I was at the local Subway shop asking for my 6 inch veggie on wheat. I sat down with my diet cola and took a bit. I was hooked and happy to be. I love my niece and loved the gift basket but I guess I am just a subway girl

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