Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Best Organic Brownies On Earth!

Posted by The Delightful Gourmet at 1:32 PM
Last week I received a sample of this Kings Cupboard Organic Brownie Mix. I figured I have tasted many brownie mixes from different companies, I might as well try these. Although I must admit, I have never tried an organic variety. When I started making them, I thought this is more like cake, they are so thick! I figured I had messed up the recipe but I stuck to the directions. Boy, was I shocked! These brownies had to be the best I have ever tasted! Thick, rich and delicious. My family was of course, fighting over the last one. I decided these brownies needed their own post because they would make the perfect hostess gift. It gave me the idea to create our Brownie Bucket gift. By the way, did I mention I love gourmet food samples!

1 comments on "Best Organic Brownies On Earth!"

Cindy Shea on April 23, 2009 at 1:32 AM said...

These brownies sound so good. Where can I find the mix? I don't think I have ever seen this in the stores. Do you sell it on your site? My husband loses his mind over brownies and I would love to surprise him with a gourmet one.


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