Friday, April 24, 2009

Cutest Baby Shower Cupcakes

Posted by The Delightful Gourmet at 11:27 AM
I hosted a baby shower this spring and a friend of mine made these adorable cupcakes. These sleeping babies could be incorporated into any baby shower theme. They are so quick and easy and will become the talk of the baby shower! Guests at the shower loved these so much most of them didn't eat them but took them home to keep on their kitchen counters! All you need to do is:

1.Buy any cake or cupcake mix and frosting. Follow the directions as listed on the box. Be sure to frost cupcakes before adding babies.

2. Take fondant and color it with food coloring mix to match your theme.

3. Color another batch with two drops of brown food coloring to make the baby faces.

4. Make little balls for baby heads out of fondant and a tiny dot for noses.

5. Roll out colored fondant and cut out blankies.

6. Place the babies and blankies on top of cupcakes.

7. Draw faces on baby heads. Make sure to make some sleeping, some awake and some crying!

8. Place them in a cupcake holder.

9. If desired, Make little squares of white fondant for baby pillows.

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